Sunday, March 14, 2010

Arm & Hammer PLUS Oxi Clean with POWER gel...

This is a compensated review by BlogHer and Arm & Hammer.

When I was asked to give a review on a new cleaning product I jumped at the chance! I mean our tribe LOVES to get dirty! I may not like it but they sure do! Living in a rural area with dirt roads does not help the situation either! If it's not the good old outdoors then it's the food that misses their mouth or better yet the stuff they get into that dirties them up! This morning they did just that! They got into the bottle of ketchup! They must have thought it was SO cool to squirt the entire bottle all over the coffee table & then wipe it on their clean shirts! I have no idea who the instigator was but three of the four had some majorly soiled shirts! Oh how I dislike stains on clothes! Lucky for me I had just received my bottle of Arm & Hammer PLUS Oxi Clean with POWER gel to use! I immediately grabbed the bottle & poured some on the spots. I did not soak them, I just loaded them in the washer & let the product do it's magic! As you can tell by my pictures they got the ketchup EVERYWHERE! By looking at those stains one would think they were ruined but NO the stains came out! Here is a BEFORE photo of them with the ketchup stained shirts in all their glory!

We happen to have a HE front loader & I just used a cap full! Trust me, as a mom of three year old quadruplets who get into EVERYTHING dirty I should know! So needless to say we do MANY loads of laundry in this household! I really like this product especially when you want to get your clothes clean & bright PLUS you do not have to use a ton of detergent in your washer! With the economy struggling every cent saved is well worth it!

The types of stains that they always seem to get is either from chocolate milk, dirt or now KETCHUP! You can tell in my pictures that they wiped it all over their shirts. Oh My! I told you they LOVE to get dirty! Some mothers would just throw the shirts out and not even attempt to clean it or use some other product that just does NOT do the job!

But NO I just put some of the Arm & Hammer PLUS Oxi Clean with POWER gel on the stains & then threw it into the wash with all our other clothes, I of course added some more into the detergent dispenser for the rest of the load & then let it do it's magic! When a cleaning product does it's job and takes the stains out I am one happy mommy!

I cannot tell you how many times I fill our washing machine up like the picture above! Filled up with DIRTY clothes! That is why I am SO psyched to have found a quality product that keeps our clothes clean! Even better it keeps our whites WHITE! Having the added benefit of getting more use out of their clothes we have gives me the warm & fuzzies! That in itself makes all the difference in the world!

Check out their shirts AFTER washing them with Arm & Hammer PLUS Oxi Clean with POWER gel! They are SO darn clean you would never even know that they had an encounter with a bottle of ketchup would you? They also smell good too! I just LOVE that!

I would LOVE to know what outdoor activity causes you the biggest problems with your laundry! Do your kids get so dirty you do not think they could ever get clean? Just post me a comment sharing your laundry woes & you could be a winner of a $200 VISA gift card! Just think of all the cleaning products you could buy with that! To find out all the rules & ways to win you can check out the rules page. And to read more product reviews & to try to win other prizes from other bloggers please check the special offers page. So what are you waiting for? Start commenting! And do not forget the next time you are out grocery shopping to pick up some...

Arm & Hammer PLUS Oxi Clean with POWER gel...